Saturday, July 4, 2009

Deconstructing the Convenience Myth of Modern Culture: Adventures of a Great Degenerate in the Penal System

By Stephen Polk

A great degenerate hooligan strikes again.
Oh the depravity!
Oh the horror!

Wait a minute folks,
Just wait one minute.
A science of sorts is fermenting
In the mind of the deprived mastermind
Of a deleterious breed of human…

A cop
Oh yes, a cop of all cops…
A cop of science!

She has thrown away all
Of the archaic forms of
Humans past who have
Studied the past actions of
Into the trash.

Her mind is governed
By an almighty covenant
That dictates her actions…
A dictatorship of thought and action.

As she laboriously studies
The crime scene through
Her microscope of truth
Painstakingly examining every
Shred of evidence
In her state funded laboratory…

Our Great Hooligan’s
Mind Is Now Corrupt
Deprived Of Action
In His State Funded
A Degeneration Of Thought And Action

The Horror!
The Depravity!

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