Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stories that Someone Should Write Sometime

By Stephen Polk

A story about two old women who embezzle thousands of dollars by scamming their church bingo tournament over the course of 24 years in order to fund their healthy habit of pot smoking: Will they be allowed into heaven?

Lesbian puppy dogs and the epic journey to save their souls: Is our lascivious culture corrupting the once incorruptible?

The sexual adventures of a trucker, a nun, and an urban hippie in the backseat of your father’s new Ford: Who is filming behind the bushes?

Civilization: Who needs it?

Suburbanites struggling to find meaning beyond their material goods: An evolutionary miracle?

Sometimes I wish I were born a woman.

A woman tries to find a light switch in the dark but only finds a ham sandwich and is infinitely more satisfied … Is ham a nighttime meat?

Chickens and Roosters together at last: What is the fucking deal?

All’s fair in love and grade school sloppy-joe wars in the cafeteria: Is the lunch lady pregnant?

One man’s lust for “freedom” and the people who die as a consequence: Why does capitalism suck so much?

The domestic disputes of Jesus and Mary Magdalene: Can anyone argue the fact that marriage really sucks, almost as much as capitalism?

The disastrous, yet surprisingly humorous, follies of five guys who thought it was a good idea to stick their thingies in a hole in the wall: Would you do the same?

“The ‘Nutty’ Professor and His ‘Hard’ Working Students”: Is there educational value in pornography?

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