Friday, September 17, 2010

Job Seeker

By Charles Fasano

The bar around the corner from his house is open at 7:30 am on week days.

He says he can handle his booze because he doesn't smell like booze.

The only problem he has with drinking is getting the liquor in his mouth.

He must have the drunkest neck ties in Denver.

His wife thinks he is looking for work.

He got fired because a pat on the back became sexual harassment.

Everyone's buddy at the bar but nobody knows his name.

Re-inventing the high five.

Spending all his lunch money.

Clumsy with a tumbler; reckless with ice cubes.

He can use a stir straw as a weapon if he closes one eye.

He has a job interview at 9am.

Wearing his best suit.

Three shots down to chill the nerves.

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